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Minions Crossover!

The minions rampage through fandoms . . .

Minions Crossover
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The minions go rampaging through fandoms!
Admit it. You've spent long nights imagining how things would have turned out differently for Loki if only he'd had Gru's minions instead of that wimpy, alien army. You're certain that a minion or two might help Scotty whenever the Enterprise needs that extra ummf. You secretly suspect that Neal Caffrey and Mozzie employ minions--I'm thinking Dave and Stuart--to help run their cons.

Here's your chance to show the world just what those minions have been up to. Your challenge is to cross the minions with any other fandom. Write a story, create an image, make a comic--whatever works. When you post, tell us the title, your name, the fandoms involved, and give us link to your journal or a cut to the story or artwork.

Oh yeah--and the rating along with any warnings so readers can avoid their triggers. In fact, if your work has adult content, please warn us and provide a link to your journal, rather than posting the work here.

No go forth and minionate!